Railroad Grade Fine Accompaniments produces organic seasonal cocktail syrups, cordials, shrubs, bitters, tinctures, pickled items, brandied items, garnishes, mocktails, and pre-batched cocktails in made to order kits for delivery. RRG gathers produce from local purveyors, stores and farmers markets for our products. Our focus is seasonality and high quality.

We do not use any artificual flavors or
preservatives. Products will last a couple of weeks once opened and
refrigerated. Shake well before using.

RRG products are available for restaurants, bars, markets and the home cocktail bar. Our products are wonderful for non-alcoholic mocktails, hot and cold beverages, and food items. We also offer pre-batched cocktail kits which include everything you’ll need. As many of our products are seasonally dependent our menu design reflects the time of year and the produce in abundance. Therefore, the offerings change often and are made to order so please check for availability and lead times. Any RRG components from our cocktails can be purchased separately as well. Please inquire directly about our cocktail menu. DELIVERY AVAILABLE FOR ORDERS OF $50.00 or more anywhere in Marin, San Francisco, some Sonoma, Peninsula and East Bay locations depending on distance. Discounts provided for glass return and refferals.

Named after the Marin County trails where we call home


Simple Syrups/Cordials

Lost Trail

Infusions & Bitters

4 Sisters


3 Wells

Shrubs,Pickles, Garnishes, Brandied Goods, Mocktails


Cascade Simple Syrups and Cordials (some cordials contain alcohol where noted) Any RRG product used in our cocktails can also be purchased separately. Add these to your favorite spirit or bubbly product and enjoy!

 $16.00 per 12 ounce bottle, $7.00 per 5 ounce bottle.

New items for all seasons – all cocktail components can also be purchased seperately. Inquire for a cocktail menu.

– Brandied Cherry Simple Syrup. Also available without Brandy
– Cucumber Honeydew Agave Syrup
– Kiwi Pineapple Lemongrass Agave Syrup
– Maple Grapefruit Simple Syrup
– Plum and or Apricot Syrup
– Granny Smith Sour Apple Cordial

– Falernum  Cordial (Lemon, lime, clove, ginger, sugar,Rum), Strawberry Cherry Cordial (Rum)

– Blood Orange Simple Syrup

– Honey Pear Simple Syrup
Past Seaons All available
– Blackberry Strawberry Lavender Simple Syrup
– Blueberry Jalapeño Simple Syrup
– Raspberry Thyme Simple Syrup
– Strawberry Basil Simple Syrup
– Burnt Brown Sugar Ginger Simple Syrup
– Peach Ginger Lemon Simple Syrup
– Lavender Simple Syrup
– Cinamon SImple Syrup
– Blueberry Vanilla Orange Peel Simple Syrup
– Strawberry Lemon Peel Simple Syrup
– Celery Basil Simple Syrup
– Grilled Pineapple Cilantro Simple Syrup
– Cherry Triple Mint Syrup

Lost Trail Infusions & Bitters


$17.00 per 12oz. bottle, $10.00 per 5oz bottle
Alcohol based. Availability depends on season. Excellent for cocktails, with soda water, or in warm products like tea.
– Whiskey, Rye, Bourbon and Cherries

– Bourbon and Peach. Boubon with Kiwi.

– Whiskey and Apricot, or Plum

– Tequila with Lime and Blueberries. Mezcal with Pomegranate

– Rum with Pineapple and Mint

– Vodka with Clementine, Blueberry and Mint. Vodka with Red Currant and Blueberry.


Alcohol based. $19.00 per 12oz. bottle, $12.00 per 5oz. bottle. Wonderful in cocktails, or soda water or any warm beverage.
Red-Beard Bitters
high proof alcohol base, dried raisins, dried cherries, vanilla bean, pepper, thyme and cloves. Six weeks lead time for orders.
Black-Bear Bitters
tequila base, orange peel, lemon peel, ginger, vanilla.
Nice summer or anytime.
Cin City Bitters
Bourbon base, cinnamon, cloves, star anise,
vanilla, cardamom, rosemary.
Bourbon Based Grapefruit Bitters
Grapefruit & Vanilla
whole vanilla bean, pepper corns, star anise.
Grapefruit & Thyme
red grapes, thyme, pepper corns, clove.

4 Sisters Tinctures

Water based with small amount of alcohol. $10.00 per 12oz bottle, $6.00 per 5oz bottle. Add to teas, bubbly items or in food items.
– Earl Grey Maple Syrup

– Chamomile Maple Syrup

– Hibiscus Maple Ginger

3 Wells Shrubs (drinking vinegars)

 $13.00 per 12oz. bottle, $8.00 per 5oz bottle. Great in cocktails, with bubbles, or for the non-alc or low-alc beverage.
– Blueberry Jalapeño
– Apricot, Plum

– Strawberry Mint

– Strawberry

– Honey Grapefruit Vanilla, Watermelon Mint, Watermelon Lime, Cantaloupe Mint, Honeydew Mint.

– Celery Cilantro

– Blackberry Strawberry

– Basil Celery

– Raspberry Thyme
– Blueberry Strawberry

3 Wells Pickled Items

Old Vermont family recipe. Put on sandwhiches, as garnish, in salads, etc.!
– Cucumber pickles

– Dilly beans (pickled green beans)

– Pickled melon rinds

– Pickled asparagus

– Preserved lemons and oranges

– Any combination of the following, or individually : Pickled beets, onions, tomatoes, celery, carrots,radishes, shoshito peppers, jalapeño peppers,artichokes, green/yellow/red peppers, green tomatoes.

3 Wells Garnishes and Brandied Items

Pricing depends on availability and seasonality. Alternatives can be found depending on the season–pear for peach etc. Not listed below but available for winter are brandied apples and brandied pineapple ($30.00). Just good old fashioned yummy!

– Candied Ginger $15.00

– Candied Orange Peel $15.00

– Candied Lemon Peel $15.00

– Brandied Cherries $30.00

– Brandied Peaches $30.00

– Maple Bourbon Plums $25.00

– Luxardo Amaretto Cynar Soaked Plums $30.00


Contact us directly for ordering at scott@railroadgrade.com or call (415) 384-1425